The Truth about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet

Don’t you just hate it when you have tried all the possible diet plans introduced in the fitness world, but still do not see the results you want? Trying to get rid of unwanted weight is very difficult for some people. Even though there are other means of achieving it, subscribing to a certain diet plan seems to be the safest. Or is it?

A lot of people in a strict diet complain of getting weak and tired as they only consume meager servings of salad and a glass of juice. There are some who have been able to avoid this in the HCG Diet.

The Diet Plan

When Dr. Albert Simeons discovered the effects of HCG in women and overweight boys, he devised a diet plan to effectively use HCG as a future means for weight loss. He outlined two most important rules to follow for 40 days:

1. 500 Calorie Diet. Meals should be taken during lunch and dinner and the total calories for both meals should only be 500 calories. Coffee, tea, and water can be taken but only in minimal amounts. These beverages should be taken during breakfast. For such important information visit

1hcgdropsLunch and dinner, on the other hand, should contain lean meat such as chicken breast, beef and white fish accompanied with a single serving of vegetables. Other solid foods that can be taken in place of the meat are small piece of toast, one serving of any fruit, or a handful of berries. Keep in mind that each meal must only contain 250 calories to strictly follow the 500 calories per day plan.

2. Daily Dosage of HCG. A daily dose of HCG should only be 125 IU per injection. The only way to introduce HCG into the bloodstream is through injection. Originally, this is also the protocol emphasized by Dr. Simeons. Nowadays, people subscribing to the HCG Diet plan resort to homeopathic HCG drops for their daily maintenance instead of HCG injections.

Homeopathic HCG

Due to the rapid increase in number of people interested in the HCG Diet plan, there has been scarcity in the pure form of HCG. To address this demand, companies started producing the synthetic form of HCG called homeopathic HCG. Homeopathic HCG is taken orally as drops. A lot of dieters resort to HCG drops because it is inexpensive. At the same time, HCG drops can easily be bought online even without the prescription of a doctor.

The issue regarding the effectiveness of homeopathic HCG versus HCG injections is still being debated. It is said that the HCG content in the homeopathic version is already diluted and there is no precise way to ensure that what you purchased over the internet has traces of HCG in it. At the same time, HCG that is orally taken is futile because it is less likely to enter the system.

Issues about the HCG Diet

The US Food and Drug Administration prohibit the use of HCG drops and other over-the-counter use of HCG. HCG injections require prescriptions from physicians and should only be administered by qualified physicians. In fact, the FDA emphasized that they do not approve any HCG associated medications especially those that claim to be effective in weight control. They warned that using such medications could have side effects and are possibly dangerous.

FDA also questioned the risk of a 500 calorie diet. The normal calorie intake for a fully grown male and female is 1950-2600 calories. Going below the required caloric intake puts the person at risk for possible conditions such as gallstone formation, arrhythmias, and imbalance in electrolyte.

Now that you know the truth about HCG Diet, it is up to you to gauge if this kind of diet is worth trying.

Search Engines Love Quality Links But Proving It Can Be Tough

Look online today about how search engines treat links pointed to your site and you will find that there’s a lot of opinions on the matter. Most of them will not give you an honest answer. In fact, you will find that the majority of search engines treat links in a negative manner, then come out to say that they don’t do that, and of course the whole time there is a huge debate as to whether or not any of this works for seo. Search engine optimization is not the same like math or any other scripting languages. When you are writing script in C++ or anything like that, you will find that there are strict rules and regulations as to what you need to put in place to build a page. A site will not be able to gain leverage if you are outside of the code structure. SEO is not like that.

www.nyseoexplode.comThe biggest mistake you can make when working with optimization is defining it the wrong way. A lot of pages are defined by their work in regards to indexing and ranking within search engines. The problem becomes a matter of defining things wrong and that’s why links get such a bad rap at times. If you want to rank high, you will need to come to terms with what works as a back link and what doesn’t work. The items that work are often times relegated to natural, organic link placements. These are hard to come by if you are trying to work solely with content.

Content marketing is not just text, articles, or anything like that. It’s a combination of things, and the more you learn about how content works to build your traffic, the more you will be able to work with the right links. In fact, understanding the right linking strategy is a matter of hiring a professional. Professional seo firms will be able to link you with networks that they know are in good standing with every major search engine. If a site is not standing well, and is linking out for profit or for unnatural reasons, the rankings of their page will hurt and they’ll see a major decline over time.

Most websites don’t know what to do with link generation ideas. The reason why it’s so confusing is simple, are
opinions on the matter and services that make great promises. Look up link buying strategies and you will find that there are a lot of places that you can buy links from high page rank sites straight-out. It’s for this reason that search engines don’t love links straightway, they love the high quality ones even if they won’t admit it. If a search company comes out to say that they rank pages higher based on recommendations and links, people would game the system fast.

The best example of all of this is in regards to article marketing. In the past, you could buy a lot of articles and place them all over the web and gain a great deal of market share. It was so rampant, that search engines stopped ranking sites that were doing this because the “gaming” of the system had turned otherwise good sites into farms for duplicate, and less than grand content. When these pages were getting updated with lackluster content, traffic stopped flowing and that’s the most important part of moving forward with links and seo to begin with.

There worse thing that can happen to your page is simply getting ignored. If you worked really hard to build your site and no one is coming to see it, then what’s the point? It’s that type of hardships that has many people looking confused at links. Search engines only approve the natural, good kinds, and those are hardest to generate.

Exercise or GW1516?

Exercise can be considered as one of the healthiest thing one can do for themselves. It can give you a hundred reasons why you should do it regularly and it can give you a hundred ways to live longer. But the question is why are there still a lot of people who don’t want to do it? If you are going to think of the amount of effort that you have to put into lifting tons of weights, going into the gym regularly, or running around for so many minutes every day, exercise may not be an option to some people at all.

Exercise has long been associated with weight loss, but most people forget that exercise also improves the strength of their muscles, their flexibility and their endurance. This has made exercise a routine and actually a basic need for athletes. However, these beneficial effects of exercise do not just happen overnight. One needs time before his muscles get powered up.

OstarineThis dilemma seemed to have been solved when a pharmaceutical company discovered a drug that can mimic the effect of exercise without having to actually do it! This is exactly what the working people, the busy people, the students and the couch potatoes are looking for! And they found it by the name of GW1516.

“Exercise in a bottle” and “exercise in a pill” are the monikers people call GW1516 because it can enhance one’s performance even without training or exercise. Researches in mice have proven this and they have discovered that GW1516 mediates this effect in two ways. The first mechanism is through PPAR and the second is through AMPK, which are endogenous receptors and enzymes, respectively that function for various metabolic processes, one of which is energy production.

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor or PPAR belongs to nuclear receptor family and functions by binding a trigger molecule to initiate metabolic processes. In this case, the process affected is lipid or fat metabolism. Normally, a skeletal muscle would initially use its glycogen reserve during an activity and would convert to lipid breakdown once these glycogen reserves have already been depleted. But what GW1516, through PPAR, amazingly does is that it allows the muscle to readily use fats instead of glycogen during an exercise. Fats are said to be a concentrated form of stored energy. Technically, a gram of fat is equivalent to 9 calories, while a gram of glucose-containing carbohydrates only equates to 4 calories. In this light, you can conclude that fats are greater energy source than glucose and glycogen.

What about AMPK? AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) acts in response to elevation of adenosine monophosphate or AMP as a result of exercise. AMP will then be converted to ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, which is the main energy currency of the cells. Aside from fatty acid oxidation, it also promotes glycolysis, a process involving the release of glucose from its stores.

So what are the net effects GW1516 in relation to these two pathways? There will be an increase in cellular metabolism, a shift of metabolism from glucose to fat breakdown and improvement of cholesterol profile. It can also improve the shape of your muscle since the fats are reduced!

Despite these beneficial effects of this drug, anti-doping agencies, such as UCI and WADA prohibited the use of this kind of drug. As a matter of fact, a lot of athletes are currently facing the consequences of taking it. Lance Armstrong was suspended and was even stripped off his right to continue with his sport after admitting that he was a “doper”. He used to take EPO, a hormone that enhances the production of red blood cells, testosterone, and blood transfusions. The same thing happened to all the other athletes who tested positive for doping agents.

GW1516 has its good intentions but its beneficial effects are still not enough to outweigh its risks. Exercise may require a lot of will power and energy but surely it is one great way towards good health.